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Provides improved or enhanced controls for WinForm, such as TextBox with prompt text support, kinds of validation with auto formatting, and advanced keyboard and mouse events monitor.

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All implemented features in the latest checked-in code are listed as following by releases. The numbers in brackets indicate the releasing build version.

June Preview II Release
  • Configurable and auto-formatting validators. (
    • Digits validator:
      • Accept hexadecimal digits or not.
    • Number validator:
      • Accept positive/negative sign or not.
      • Accept thousands separator or not.
      • Change the decimal point and thousands separator (eg. use "," as decimal point in some cultures).
      • Auto remove positive sign.
      • Auto group by thousands.
    • English letters validator:
      • Casing control.


June Preview Release
  • Validation and auto formatting support for text controls. (
    • Number validator, supports negative sign, thousand separator, and decimal point.
    • Digits validator
    • English letters validator
    • E-mail address validator
    • Phone number validator, supports auto formatting as +1 (605) 1234567 x 890

May Preview Release
  • Enhanced TextBox control with prompt text support (0.1.1)
  • Advanced mouse and keyboard events monitor (0.1.2)

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